November 10th to 12th


Our exclusive Next Level Grinding Workshops

It is time for new high-tech grinding solutions. We invite you personally to our GrindDialog. Experience a variety of high-tech grinding machines in action and discuss your requirements with us in our workshops.


Next Level Innovation
We open up new perspectives for your grinding processes. Our Next Level Practice demonstrations on the Multigrind® machines are real high-tech solutions – spectacular and innovative.

Next Level Digital
Multigrind® Horizon becomes the most important component. We show you how you can already benefit from digitization today. Through software solutions that make business more economical, flexible and successful. We help build links between man and machine and visualize how analog and digital are merging.

Next Level Automation
We show automated manufacturing processes and don’t just talk about them. We show how our customers benefit directly from the newly gained flexibility, efficiency and quality.


Our workshop series includes the following main topics:

  • Skiving Tools
  • Profile Roll in Closed Loop
  • Forming tools
  • Tap
  • Worm shafts
  • Filigree cylindrical grinding contours using the example of needles

Further focus topics are:

  • Sphere grinding
  • Femoral implants
  • Complete machining of turbine components
  • Rotation tools

On our Blog there is a brief overview.


Adelbert-Haas-Straße 1 | 78647 Trossingen

Don't miss this unique opportunity in 2021 - we have taken extensive precautions for your safety. See you in Trossingen.