1. Is there a limit to the number of visitors to the workshops?

There is a guideline for the number of persons, which is based on the total area. For this reason, we only offer staggered visiting times and attach importance to a binding registration in advance.

2. Will there be routing systems?

There will be defined walking routes to facilitate compliance with the general rules on distances.

3. Will the relevant areas be cleaned regularly?

Yes, these are cleaned regularly. We also keep hand disinfectants available.

4. Is there a comprehensive mask obligation?

Yes, there is an obligation to wear a mask throughout the company for all persons involved.

5. Is my contact information recorded?

Yes, the contact details are recorded.

6. Are product demonstrations carried out in larger groups?

No, since we attach great importance to adhering to the applicable distance rules, demonstrations are only held in an exclusive setting.

7. How is ventilation provided?

In addition to opening the windows, we also have a ventilation system that provides sufficient fresh air.